Wolves at the Door: Can DAB+ survive?

Have you ever noticed how the time periods between major technological advances in radio have become shorter and shorter. It all started out with AM nearly a century ago. Along came FM as a commercial service around 40 years later, then AM stereo, streaming audio and digital radio all emerged within the next 40 years, and, who knows what the next four decades will hold in store. When you look at the UK and Europe, you realise that Australia has really come late to the digital radio party. That’s not completely surprising given that the technology is extremely expensive to rollout, especially in a big country, whose population density, in the main, is very low. Out past the major population c

It's Magic: Just watch those Ratings disappear

You know, the problem with making predictions is that all too often they come true, even if you don’t really want to be right. When I wrote ‘Magic is not a Lifestyle’ before the introduction of ‘Talking Lifestyle’ to Melbourne and Brisbane, it was never intended to be an ‘I told you so’ moment. It was written as a word of caution to those, who may have naively thought that simply replacing the Magic oldies format, would surely be a path to ratings glory and riches. Unfortunately for Macquarie Media, the recent ratings figures for the Magic stations in Brisbane and Melbourne both tumbled dramatically with the implementation of Sydney-based lifestyle talk programming. But, who would ever have

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