Radio: Are we on the “Eve of Destruction”?

Australia is not alone in its fight against the music industry, who wants to have its hand deeper in the pocket of commercial radio. It seems the music industry is on the march around the World, and, the fight is nowhere more prominent and public than in the United States. For many years US radio stations have been paying songwriters a fee for playing music, but not the artists themselves. At present, there’s no royalty charge for playing music in the biggest commercial radio market in the World. The concept has long been accepted that an artist, who records a song, benefits directly from the publicity derived from its airplay, and this, in turn, drives their sales and popularity, and, by di

Secure the Alamo: We Need Davy Crockett

Commercial radio is actually a very polite industry. With the exception of a few operators, the industry always wants to play by the rules; it’s all very civilised really. Problem is, when you’re playing with gutter-fighters, Marquis of Queensberry rules don’t apply, and, if you don’t take off the gloves and fight bare-knuckles every now and then, you’re forever going to get left battered and bleeding in some back alley. What is it they say “never bring a knife to a gun fight”. You have to know your enemy. Such is the case with the PPCA dispute currently before the Copyright Tribunal. All attempts at a civilised solution prior to the beginning of the hearing have failed, but apparently, not

No Country for New Players

How many rookie radio announcers have started their careers in the bush, vowing that one day they’ll own a radio station rather than work for one? Quite a few, I suspect. Unfortunately, that dream is getting harder and harder to achieve, and, the bad news is, it’s going to become almost impossible in the future. Once, most regional radio stations were held by individual owners, generally based in the radio station’s local town. But, that was 50 years ago, before the long arm of network television finally stretched out into the rural areas; a time when revenues for a regional radio station’s ‘Six to Midnight’ program made its Breakfast income pale in comparison. Back then, regional radio owne

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