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Presentation & Media Skills

Brad Smart has been involved in training and mentoring senior executives in communications and media for more than 30 years.

His presentation skills book 'Selling the Message' is currently available at Amazon Kindle in both e-book and printed copies.


Brad has helped many business executives, senior public servants and political leaders overcome their fears to become truly confident when facing the media or a hostile audience.


In this day and age, media training is critical for business executives, however, a skill they draw on far more often is the ability to present to an audience of any size, from a boardroom to an auditorium.


It used to be that executives were selected simply because they had exceptional expertise in their chosen field.


Not so today, when up and coming executives are often chosen because they can sell the company's message to other senior executives, their own staff, and, from time to time, to the general public.


For many years, Brad has been mentoring some of the country's top executives in how to more effectively sell their key messages to an audience.





Company CEOs

Brad Smart is available to train your senior executives in both Media and Presentation Skills.


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