Thanks for taking the time to let me tell you what I can do creatively for you and your next video project.


I create really great ideas for corporate videos,  documentaries and television program concepts that are often 'outside the square' and help my clients to effectively sell their products and services.


Take just one of my creations for IBM.


This was a fully dramatised corporate featuring a mythical Netrunner who could cross the internet in time and space while promoting the company's capabilities.


The telco, Telstra, wanted to make school students aware of telephone technology, so I conceived a production set in a cartoon town with kids playing the roles of businesspeople and their own voices were post-synced by adults for greater impact.


Barwon Water wanted The Water Cycle explained to children, so I devised a concept in which two water rats verbally baited each other with sarcasm while explaining the process. Got plenty of laughs and a high retention rate!


Yep, even corporate videos can be fun.


I can help you in many ways, from developing a concept, to writing a script or even taking your entire project from concept to delivery, as I have done so many times for major clients.


Please give me a call anytime to discuss your needs.


Of course, it'll be on no obligation basis and I'm happy to throw ideas around with you.


I look forward to hearing from you on 0418 311011 or if you're calling from outside Australia +61418311011.


Alternatively, we can talk by email or even Skype.


All the best